How to Help Finance Govern toward its Target Operating Model

The future of trading is here.  Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have had a significant impact on the outlook of the finance markets.  Most analysts agree they are a true Market disruptor.  

On this page you will find our partners who provide Crypto trading and services.  We will continue to update this page with more information and partners


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The Crisis of Competency in Accounting and Finance

Pretty much every broker that offers an online trading platform offers a free demo for that platform that allows you to trade, completely risk free in an environment using pretend money on the real markets.  All the brokers we partner with offer this too, and, if you’ve never traded before, it’s a great way to familiarise yourself with the platform, ….with one small catch.  There’s an open secret which no one denies.  A missing element that you need to deal with before you can call yourself a seasoned trader.  Its only once you’ve come up against it, that you can really know whether you can be a trader.  I will tell you what it is in this article, as best as I can,  but I know I’m going to come up short.

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