You can now put your robot to work in a dream environment where it can regularly take its profits


You’re staring at the screen for the perfect entry point, waiting patiently… ready.  There it is




 Before you can even see it happen, your trade has been executed and you’re in.  A few seconds later, your pre-set Take Profit level is hit, and your account is now a few hundred dollars better richer. 


Was it really that easy?   Did I really make hundreds of dollars in profit in seconds?  Actually, its much, much easier.   Since its not you staring at the screen anymore.  it’s a robot program that can react in speeds counted in milliseconds, speeds orders of magnitude faster than you ever could.  A robot that can perform trades like that, hundreds of times a day, banking a $100 here, $300 there each time

The forex market is volatile and fast.  Every second the market moves up and down like waves on the ocean.  And just like the water, there is always some water going up when the wave is crashing down, or some droplet falling down, when the wave swells up.  Scalpers and day traders focus on these small rewards as their bread and butter.  It doesn’t matter which way the wave is going, as long as you can catch your little bit of water.  Open up a ticker chart and have a look for yourself,  watch the tick bounce up and down every second and work out how much profit each tiny movement could generate for you. 


At this point you could stop and try it out for yourself in your own demo trading area.  See a professional trading environment and see the actual live price on each forex pair or commodity.  But, hang on for just a second, because while a demo is a decent way to start trading, it’s not the best way. I’ll come back to this later.


Before you try scalping there are 2 main requirements for it to work


The Right Conditions


Every trader that has tried day trading or scalping knows that in order to actually do this for real, you need to beat the spread.  The tighter the spread, the easier it becomes to beat it.  This is where the raw spread advantage comes into effect.  With a raw spread account, the spread you see are on the same level as the institutional grade level of the world’s leading execution venues.  Spreads so tight that sometimes, they even go negative ( its rare but it does happen).  Spreads on the EURUSD pair start at 0.0 pips and average 0.1 pips 24/5 even on times of high volatility.  This means beating the spread is easier, which means more opportunities to make quick, profitable trades.


The Speed


As I said before, the forex market is volatile and fast.  With the raw spreads on your side, you still need one more thing to get in and out profitably in such a fast market.  You need to be faster.  In this market, milliseconds count.  The Metatrader 4 and 5 servers that you use as part of the raw spread account are collocated in the Equinix NY4 data centre, known as the financial ecosystem is home to over 600 buy and sell side firms, exchanges, trading venues and service providers.  Basically, these servers are sat in the actual exchange and have a latency of less than 1millisecond to VPS providers sat in the NY4 data centre. 


All this means high frequency traders and scalpers can get in fast and get in first with your trades.



No one will stop you taking your cake and eating it.


Some providers don’t like robots trading and simply wont allow robots to trade.  Its an open secret that this is because some providers take the opposite position when you trade.  So youre basically trading against your own service provider.  They know eventually, you’ll lose more than you make.  But In the same way a casino will kick you out if you start winning too much, these providers just don’t like it when you use a scalping robot. 


However with a raw spread account, you’re connected directly to other traders and price providers.  Your account provider doesn’t care if you win or lose.  Not only that, they make their money purely by the transparent commission charged on each trade (the lowest in the market BTW) so they actually want you to trade with a robot since a robot will trade hundreds of times more often than you would manually, and make them more money too.


The proposition is simple.  Raw unfiltered prices direct with a commission of just $3.50 per lot per side.  This gives you access to deep liquidity, using metatrader 4 & 5 and leverage of 1:500.    You can trade from a micro lot (0.01 lot) to help manage your risk in line with your balance and there’s no restrictions (so scalping is allowed) and there’s no FIFO rule (so hedging is allowed)


So what’s the catch? I hear you say.  Why doesn’t everyone do it?


Well Some people are scared of trading or just don’t know how but mostly people are lazy and wont do anything about it.  and no one is going to just hand money over to you for not doing anything.  Its up to you to find a scalping robot; its up to you to sign up to this raw spread account; its up to you to take the first step.  Most people will not do this. Most people will think this is too much of a risk and carry on with their old ways.  This offer isn’t for them.   


This is for people who will take the first step.  That's the catch.  Its not a secret, its just difficult for most people. If you’re still reading then this offer is for you.  Odds are you’ve tried this before.  You may have a Trading robot that you use.  Heck, you may even have failed before but you’ve learnt from it and are looking for the advantage you didn’t have before… the raw spread account advantage.  If you’re ready to start trading you can sign up for a live account here. 


Alternatively, you could sign up and try the demo here. On the face of it a demo is a great first step.  It has the exact same software, the same live prices, the same ability to try out trading all the pairs, all without any fear of losing any funds when you trade.   However, remember I said, a demo account isn’t the best way to start, well that last sentence gives you a clue as to why.  When people use a demo account, they’re playing with fake money and because its fake, they’re not scared of losing it.  They’re not invested emotionally because they literally have nothing to lose. 


Without even thinking about it, the trades they make are unreasonably risky.  It becomes very easy to either hit it big or lose everything.  If they lose, then they give up and are grateful that they didn’t invest real money.  But worse is if they hit it big, they’ll invest real money.  Then even if the strategy they tried on the demo worked, once real money is on the line, fear will interfere with the strategy. There’s no discipline being developed on a demo account.  The missing element on a demo account is fear.


There’s a second reason a demo account isn’t ideal for scalpers.  A demo doesn’t have to process your orders on the real market.  So the order execution speeds drop to practically nothing.  This is fine for discretionary traders but for scalpers where milliseconds make a difference, it becomes, through no fault of the provider, an unrealistic environment


A live account opened with a small investment, even just the minimum, is enough to ensure that you are emotionally invested in making sure you are doing your best.  Enough to make sure that you don’t make silly mistakes because you’re not paying attention.  Enough to make sure that you learn good habits from the beginning instead of bad ones. 


You can open a live account here.  The minimum deposit required is $250.  This goes into an account in your name and funds can be withdrawn any time.  Once you’ve opened your account you can fund using many funding options including: credit/debit card, Skrill, wire transfer, Neteller, FasaPay, China Union Pay, Bpay and broker to broker transfer, deposits. And if for any reason you change your mind you can withdraw using those same options


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